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Ipakita natin sa buong mundo na ang
mga pinoy ay matatalino.  Sa bawat  
kwento natin, may aral na nakalakip
dito.  Saan man tayo makarating, ang
pinoy pa rin ang panalo.
Leonardo Abutin, Jr
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Life is full of mysteries, that is why we
should always say the rosary
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God the FATHER loves us.
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There were many times in my life that I keep on wondering if there is really a GOD  out
there.  Many time I had seen myself alone and miserable.   I never hurt anybody but I
always end up being beaten up.  I tried to be a loyal friend but I always get betrayed.  I
learned to love somebody and that somebody never respected me.  Most often, love is
confused with infatuation. There were times that I believed Love is just a word that fools
invented to deceive other people like me.   Life is so lonely, why should I bother to
live.   Other people say I am useless.  I brought bad luck to my family.  I am not as
brilliant as my siblings or even as smart as my cousins.  My self-esteem is zero.  I do not
know what to do with my life.  I do not know where to go.  Walk…. Walk….. walk… One
mile, 2 miles, 3 miles until I no longer knew how far I have gone.  I just found myself
inside the church.  It’s so quiet… so peaceful…  There are people praying and choir
singing.  Their prayer and singing are music to my ears.  I suddenly feel better. Serenity   
seems to be within me.  I have never gone to church for a long time and has forgotten
how to pray the apostle’s creed.  Funny I don’t even know if this is a Catholic or
Christian or a Baptist church.  I just know that I find tranquility in this place.  Suddenly my
eyelids cover my eyes and out came some crystal liquids.  Tears of joy I said to myself.   I
no longer feel miserable nor pain inside me.  I stayed there for hours in silence.  A few
more moments and I opened my eyes.  I feel better for some reason.  Was it because I
got some rest? Was it the beautiful singing of the choir? NO I told myself.  I feel better
because I am in the house of our Loving FATHER.  Like all parents, HE only wants his
children to have the best.   I need to listen to HIM to be in a better place.  But how? I
knelt down and while I am about to ask for guidance, I saw a big bold letter that say
‘TAKE ME HOME’.  The answer is in front of me- Of course The Bible!  With the Bible in
my hand, I start to trace my way back to my home.   It was almost 11:00 in the evening--
200 feet from our home when I saw my mother and father running toward me.  Without a
word, they embrace me.  They were so worried that something bad came about to me.  I
am so blinded with the false love of my so called friends and peers that I never realize I
am so lucky to have loving parents.  Inside our home, my brothers and sisters started to
ask questions like where have I been? Who was with me? What am I thinking?
Questions that I will usually answered back with rage.  But this time, I see these
questions as concerned questions with love attached to them.  I see things clearer now
after that visit to our Loving Father’s house.  

Everything changed for the better when I realize that God is love and Love is God.  HE
Do not ask for a miracle just to believe
that there is GOD;   Remember that
everyday when you wake up is a already
a proof that there is  a Loving Almighty
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