The mission and vision of J & RNF Children’s Outreach Foundation is to care for, support, and educate orphaned and
abandoned children, worldwide, providing them a true path of success beyond the orphanage.


THE FOUNDATION was established in May 2011 in Federal Way, Washington as a non- profit foundation. J&RNF Children’s
Outreach Foundation is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization. This 501(c)3 designation gives the foundation a tax exempt
status under IRS law, allowing contributors to legally deduct all contributions.   EIN # 90-0729435.  
According to the United States Agency of International Development, there are seven components of care that need to be
taken into consideration when setting up orphanages.  These core services are:

  1. Food and nutrition support- These needs to be enough food and nutrition available in order to sustain proper
  2. Shelter and material care- the children need to have protective shelter, clothing and access to clean water.
  3. Protection- the orphans need to have access to legal support while eliminating stigma, social neglect, physical and
    sexual abuse and exploitation
  4. Heath care- there needs to be immunization and proper treatment for sick children.
  5. Psychosocial support- the children need to have relationships that enable them to develop and function properly in
    school, recreation and work
  6. Education and vocational training- The orphans need to have educational and vocational opportunities that relate to
    the norms of the surrounding culture
  7. Economic strengthening- the physical places that are housing the children’s need to be economically sustainable.

J&RNF Children’s Outreach Foundation will fulfill all of the above criteria.
The J & RNF Children’s Outreach Foundation’s  first Project is the “Seeds of Hope” Orphanage and Medical Clinic. The current goal is to raise funds for the project
“SEEDS OF HOPE” orphanage located in San Joaquin, Calbayog City Samar Philippines. Founder Nathalie Fuentes will provide cash contribution of $25,000 into the
Foundation for the “Seeds of Hope” Orphanage Project. In addition Mrs. Fuentes will be contributing a piece of land valued at $75,000 in the Philippines to be used by
the Foundation.   We are requesting a total financing package of $1,080,000 , which includes purchasing the land, building the three buildings, Initial stocking of
reusable supplies and initial set up.  
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Nathalie Fuentes